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Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency
Community Information
These sessions offer a brief overview of HANDLE, its history, information about its founder and one or two activities that can be implemented at home or at work.

Anchorage Waldorf School
September 2, 6pm to 8:30pm
HANDLE Workshops
These 2-hour workshops focus on a particular topic.  There may be videos, materials to take home, activities to learn and resources and references about the topic.  Part of the time will be spent in open forum, discussing areas of interest and concern regarding the topic.
Each of these topics may be expanded into a custom course.   
Possible Topics:

  • Attentional Priorities
  • Elder brain health
  • Prenatal care of the Embryo and Fetus
  • The importance of the first year and brain growth
  • She won't sit still!
  • Recovery following brain injury
  • Helping your foster/adopted child thrive
  • Alternative ways to support speech
  • Strategies, compensations and interventions for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Should we use Sign Language?
  • Simple, quick, easy interventions
  • The Real Reasons Some Kids Can't Learn
  • Your topic!
Watch for workshops coming up
Level 1
An Introduction to the HANDLE Approach
(prerequisite to the Basics of HANDLE, Level 2)

This day long course is an Introduction to the HANDLE way of dealing with neurodevelopmental differences that affect the daily lives of many. 
Participants will learn activities that will be explored for use in many settings and for different physical abilities. 
Participants will learn how HANDLE addresses individual differences based on comprehensive history, observation, interview and interaction.  The impact of internal and external environment will be explored and how these may be addressed. 
There will be lots of stories that are likely to touch a note with participants.
Be part of this day-long event. 
You will come away wanting more!

Cathy Stingley, Instructor, and a client doing a Level 1 HANDLE Activity

Level 2
(Prerequisite: HANDLE Level 1)
Current Course listed below

This course will carry on from the Level 1 course.  There will be more activities to learn and explore.  There will be a brief look at the brain.  The majority of the time will be spent looking at neurodevelopmental systems through the HANDLE paradigm, a unique organization of interaction and interdependence.  These will be explored with the following in mind:
1. How each system develops from conception.
2. What might interrupt normal development.
3. How to recognize when a system has been affected.
4. How the systems might function for those with a particular concern or challenge.
5. Ways to intervene, providing strategies, compensation, and habilitative measures.
6. More about Gentle Enhancement, Attentional Priorities, and how people show us what they need.
7. A look at Judith Bluestone's Stimulus Response Mechanism.

September 17 & October 1, 8am to 5pm
Anchorage Waldorf School
Anchorage, Alaska

 Level 2 Activity challenge!

Watch for more courses coming up

                       Level 1-2 Intensive
                      HANDLE Introductory and Basics Combined

Current course listed below

This course combines the Level 1 and Level 2 courses and offers them in a shortened period of time.  The content remains the same.

September 16, 6pm to 9pm
September 17 & October 1, 8am to 5pm
Anchorage Waldorf School
Anchorage, Alaska

Level 3
HANDLE Screener Course
(Prerequisite:  Level 1-2)
This course offers a continuation about how to view human functioning through the HANDLE perspective and to identify neurodevelopmental obstacles that interfere with daily functioning. It teaches a brief evaluation tool, The HANDLE Screening Tool, to use with individuals that will unveil, in a relatively short period of time, disruptions in systems.  The HANDLE Screening Tool is intended for individuals 5 years and older with mild to moderate learning, physical and behavioral difficulties.
Observational skills for detecting affected systems are also explored for use with those individuals who are unable to manage the formal Screening process.  To support this brief Screening, a total of 24 HANDLE Activities are covered in depth.  Course participants receive a formal HANDLE Screening and are expected to carry out their personal HANDLE programs as part of learning HANDLE from the inside out.  
This course includes pre, interim and post course assignments as well as practical experience and a take-home exam (an interactive learning experience).  Satisfactory completion of all course requirements qualifies the student to be a Certified HANDLE Screener with authorization to use the HANDLE Screening Tool, HANDLE and Gentle Enhancement in their business publications, as well as 24 HANDLE Activities.
Watch for more courses coming up
Level 4
HANDLE Practitioner Course
Intern Distance Learning now in progress
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association,
                            International Inc.                                                                                        
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, 3800 S. Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502  September 22nd - 25th, 2016 

Guest Speaker:  Cathy Stingley, HANDLE Practitioner/Instructor                                                 
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