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EFT Introduction
Gary Craig introduces EFT
Have a look at this 7 minute video about EFT
What is EFT?
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) was founded by Gary Craig.  It is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body's subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues. It often works where nothing else will.
  "Try it on Everything!"e
  • pain
  • weight management
  • addictions
  • negative belief systems
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • childhood trauma
  • anxiety
  • fears
  • negative emotions
  • pets (anxiety, pain, fears)
  • eating disorders
  • children's issues
  • sports performance
  • serious illnesses
  • OCD
  • agoraphobia
  • fear of flying
  • migraines
  • MS
  • Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • allergies                                                                                   
EFT can be done over the phone.  Please phone if you are in immediate need or too distant from Homer, Alaska.
What EFT clients have to say:
From a woman wanting to lose weight:
"Thank you so much for the EFT session.  I am grateful for the changes I feel.  I went out after dark to get the mail and noticed that I feel taller and lighter.  Gravity wasn't so strong.  What a relief.
I dreamt of my mom.  She came into the house, returning alive and I gave her wedding rings back, saying that they might not fit her since they had been resized for me.  She put them on and indeed they were too big.  She said it didn't matter.  This is the first dream I can remember about her since she died.   Her dying and death is my 10, so far.  I slept really well.  
Today, I am not stressed and eating is just one of the activities on my list that I am anticipating, not an overwhelming compulsion. Wow."
Not sure what to do about a difficult situation:
"I was so glad I made that appointment with you for about 175 different reasons!"
Dealing with past trauma:
" I appreciate all your time during the session the other day.  Afterward, I felt more grounded, go with the flow, and trusting of myself.  I am grateful."
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